Happy 5th Birthday O3!

It’s been a really long, yet really quick five years! On this day 5 years ago, O3 filed for incorporation with the State of North Carolina. Way back then the US economy was chugging along and nothing was on the horizon but green pastures. That all changed in the Fall of 2008. Through the thick and thin of a terrible economy, we’re still here producing innovating digital products for our clients. We sincerely appreciate all of the trust and confidence that our clients have given us for the past 5 years. It would be redundant to say this, but I’ll do it anyway, we wouldn’t be here without you. To celebrate this occassion, we’ll take a look back at how life was back in 2007…

  • The iPhone had yet to be announced
  • Android was simply an idea in a lab
  • Tablets, although available, weren’t mainstream
  • Windows Vista was the dominant operating system with many still on XP
  • No one knew who Bieber was
  • Facebook had a mere 20 million users roughly 2% of what it has now (as of writing this, it has 955 million)
  • Barack Obama was then candidate Obama
  • Google Chrome had yet to be released

And now a rundown of the Evolution of O3…

O3 version 1.0 in Late December 2007. 800px wide… how cute.


O3 2.0

This was our really strange, grungy, teenage years… Circa mid 2008.


O3 v. 3

And now we’re starting to look a little more grown up… This is us in 2010.

O3 v. 4


O3 v. 4

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