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Let's Play 20 Questions

How best to get to know someone than to play 20 questions? Given, we both supplied the question and the answer, but hopefully you’ll get a glimpse into just who we are.

1 What does O3 do?
We’re marksmen at web design, web development, and branding. We live and breathe in this field. It’s one that’s rarely stagnant and there’s always room to improve and implement new techniques.
2 What makes O3 ‘tick’?
Equal parts strategy, design, and development. When you put those three together, we’re able to solve any problem for any client.
3 Does O3 have a “design style”?
No. Our style can be aptly considered multivariate. It really depends on the needs of our clients and the demand from their customer base. We can go dark and dirty like our site, we can go feminine like we did for Goodies for Gifts, we can go whimsy like the Peak City Pig Fest, and we can go corporate like Digitalsmiths.
4 O3 considers itself a ’boutique’ firm. What does that mean?
It means we don’t take any project that comes our way. We’re not a factory with mindless drones shipping off the same re-skinned product 50 times over. It means we give proper attention to all of our projects so we can get it right the first time. If we don’t feel that we’re right for a project, we won’t take it. We like to culminate our clients’ experience in their field with our expertise in ours. When that method is put in place, we’re always able to hit a homerun.
5 Who is O3?
O3 consists of two guys: Brian Onorio and Sean Baker. Brian runs the place but also serves as the developer. Sean comes packed with years of web design and graphic design experience. We’re a good tag-team.
6 Who is your ideal client?
Our ideal client isn’t one from a particular economic sector or location. Our ideal client is one that trusts our opinion and approach. A lot of times, our clients can be stuck too “inside-the-box”. It’s our job to deliver on an outside-the-box approach. When we’re given creative control over a project, we nail it 10 times out of 10. That’s not to say that we don’t welcome our clients’ inputs and approaches, but we like to merge their expertise with ours. Our projects are the ultime in collaboration. We run every idea by the client and accept feedback and ideas in reverse.
7 How long has O3 been in business?
We’ve been around since the heydays of 2007.
8 How long does O3 plan to be around?
9 What’s been your favorite projects to work on?
2 come to mind immediately. Digitalsmiths was a fun project because we got to work with a great company in a real fast and innovative field. Goodies for Gifts is also up there because they gave us creative reign to really come up with something special. Both projects are at the top of our list.
10 Is there something in the online world that you wish existed?
Yes A Like Button for emails. You know those emails you get that you want to acknowledge receipt but not reply to? Yeah, a like button would be awesome there.
11 What blogs or publications do you read?
The usuals, Gizmodo, Mashable, and a few tech-centric blogs like CSS Tricks.
12 Who is your favorite historical person and why?
Steve Jobs. Too soon?
13 Mac or PC?
You wouldn’t catch us dead using a PC… unless of course we’re doing the dreaded browser testing.
14 Do you have a content management system of choice?
Yes, by far WordPress. We haven’t found a project yet where WordPress wasn’t the right choice in content management. We love WordPress so much, that we’ve given back in the form of free code a few times over. Check out O3 Social Share on the WordPress repository. It’s been downloaded nearly 10,000 times.
15 If you could go back in time and “fix” a feature of the Internet, what would it be?
We would go back to the time when Al Gore was inventing the Internet, right at the time where he was working on the beta for the first Internet Explorer. Then we’d stop him. We’d then actually devise browser standards and require everyone who wanted to create a web browser to follow those standards strictly… and if they didn’t… They’d meet the south end of a Smith and Wesson. If that sounds rough, at least you would never have known Internet Explorer.
16 You work with agencies, right?
Yep. We love working with agencies. We fit right into the digital void that many traditional marketing and advertising firms find themselves with. Currently, we work with firms in Raleigh, New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco.
17 If you could cherry pick a single client to work with, who would it be?
Nike. Their web presentations are spot on. I think they practically invented the “parallax” effect that’s all the rage now-a-days.
18 What other web firms do you follow and admire?
There’s quite a few really quality digital agencies out there that we admire. Electric Pulp out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota would definitely be one. They’ve done some pretty cool stuff with Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Cuban Council out of San Francisco and New York would be another. Their website is amazingly well done. And The Forefathers Group out of New Jersey would be another. Check them all out.
19 What does the typical O3 sponsored lunch look like?
That’s easy. El Rodeo.
20 How does one get in touch with O3?
Through a variety of ways. You can call (919) 324-3925 to reach us by phone, email us at [email protected] or simply fill out this form.
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