Random Industry Thoughts & Observations

Redesigning Things – Passports and the Bible

Redesign is a process of design. A focus on updating and refreshing is important while modern design trends move forward. Redesigning for the sake of it should never be a priority. But redesigning to reacquaint your product on how people use them is important. Looking at websites built just a few years ago can sometimes be like looking […]

Twitter Reacts: The iWatch or Apple Time or iTime or Something

Twitter is always quick to entertain. Some of the first tweets fired took a hilarious look at Apple’s new wearable. Recall, though, that we all laughed that their Tablet would be called the iPad. That doesn’t seem quite so funny anymore. At least we can enjoy this now.   "1. Tells perfectly accurate time for […] and Responsive Design

Without a doubt, the largest paradigm shift in mobile technology came with the release of the original iPhone. A black, turtle-necked Steve Jobs announced that, for the first time, you could ditch the PDA and the iPod because they crammed both of those things into your phone. I recall personally when Steve opened up Safari […]

Raleigh Rated #1 Spot For Business by Forbes

It may come as no surprise to the natives, but Raleigh has once again not only made the Forbes Best Places list, but topped the list at number 1 overall for places to do business. The Oak City moved up 2 spots from it’s previous #3 ranking in 2013, down from where we held a three-year run […]

The Case For And Against Carousels

Carousels. If you’re not familiar with the term, then you’re certainly familiar with the technique. Across the Internet landscape, websites from Fortune 500s to ma-and-pops feature rotating content in an attempt to provide more information to the user within an often fixed height format. I’m hesitant to call carousels a trend in that they’ve been […]

Raleigh’s Flagship Tech Companies

We sometimes don’t see the forest because we’re focused on our own oak tree. Our professional business culture is fortified by our rich collegiate atmosphere with North Carolina State University nestled within the beltline along with Peace, Shaw, Meredith, and St. Augustine’s as well as other world class universities dotting the region’s landscaping in the University of […]

11 Signs You Need A New Website

You’ve removed your web address from your business cards It’s embarrassing. You don’t want anyone to look at it. You don’t even want to look at it. Maybe at one time it was cool and fun, but that time was 2003. You realize you need it online, but you don’t want anyone to see it, […]

The Case for Microsites – When And Why

Microsites are often an inexpensive and effective way to accomplish a targeted goal. Complete website overhauls can often be a lengthy and costly undertaking. When budgets and timeframes are short, the case can be made for a miniature and targeted digital presence. What is a Microsite? A microsite, as its name implies, is a micro version of your […]

Infographic: Raleigh’s Best Craft Brewery

It’s no secret that we love Raleigh. What’s not to love? Our booming city has brought opportunity and leisure in a decidedly authentic way. Craft breweries have become the hot ticket in town with seasoned hop masters dotting the streets with high quality craft beers. With a selection as wide as your taste can get, […]

5 Cool People You Never Knew Were From Raleigh

Inside the beltline, an entrepreneurial metropolis thrives while a strong base of technology stalwarts pave the way for innovation. Many transplants love Raleigh so much they make it a point to state that professional opportunity in Raleigh is much greater here than you’d find in Silicon Valley, Boston, or Seattle. Like most cities on the East […]

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