O3 Social Share

O3 Social Share makes syndicating your content to social networks a breeze. Unlike other WordPress plugins that are often heavy, bloated, or broken, O3 Social Share is a minimalists approach to social plugins.

The plugin uses the 4 major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. We don’t support 100s of networks like other plugins. Who uses Ying Yank and Bamalamadingdong anyway? Why clutter your site with unnecessary social networking buttons.

The plugin comes equipped with a robust options panel that enables you to pick and choose the features you want. Options include:

  • Choice of any or all of the following networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Customization of tweet content allowing you to use to use the page title or to customize it
  • Add a Twitter user to the tweets
  • Add a hashtag to tweets
  • Include or exclude the Facebook Send button
  • Choice between Facebook verb to use (Like or Recommend)
  • Option to include default styles or leaving the styling up to you

The plugin is a developers dream in that you can turn off auto outputting of the social plugins and disable the default styles in favor of your own stylesheet.

Additional Reading

Additional information regarding this plugin can be found on the Plugin page at WordPress.org.


For support inquiries, please email [email protected].

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