Peak City Pig Fest

Afterall, Who Doesn't Like a Nice Dose of Pig?

The Peak City Pig Fest, held June 22 – 23, 2012, is the first of hopefully many years of the pig cookin’ competition. O3 worked with Graham Wilson of PR Street and the Apex Rotary to come up with a logo and a website for the competition.

Our mission was to first devise a logo that would look great on a variety of media, from web to print to t-shirts and lapel pins. The logo also needed to throwback to the town of Apex, where the competition would be held. Apex, if you’ve never been there, is a quant little town on the outskirts of Raleigh. The town was originally founded as a railroad hub. So we drew up the Pig Fest mascot (not surprisingly, a pig) and made him up to be quite the cartoony engineer equipped with a scarf and conductor’s hat. Although the pig is smiling now, it will be the rest of Apex that will be smiling over helpings of North Carolina’s finest chopped barbecue.

Since the town of Apex is colloquially known as “Peak City”, we drew in a hill with a train going over top. A railroad track is adorned along the circumference of the logo to further enforce the city’s roots.

For the website, we added even more imagery of Apex by including the French styled street lights along the header that are found prevalently throughout downtown. Several illustrations of farm animals, from pigs to chickens to cows, further enhance the organic feel along the website.

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