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As with all good ideas, the Victory Shop was born out of necessity. O3 had amassed quite the presence in the North Carolina political world. Based on our reputation, we would have new and repeat clients coming to our doors for web design and development work. The key to our success was creating turn-key solutions that was able to be managed by the client and his or her staff quickly and easily. Our political clientele quickly presented a need to cross brand our services.

When it comes to politicking, there’s no one in the industry who does it better. We’re packed with years of experience on campaigns and know how to execute effective online campaigns. With US Congressmen and Congresswomen as clients along with a bevy of state legislators from Virginia, North Carolina, and Louisiana, there’s no wonder that we’re often the first stop on the campaign trail. It’s the easiest vote to cast.

The Victory Shop is our political brand created exclusively for this market and is wholly owned by O3. The concept is simple: we create fantastic and custom-made frameworks and streamline the process to a quick one-week turnaround. We have 3 different levels of service ranging from quick (yet wonderfully aesthetic) templates to complete custom builds.

We integrate seamlessly with Anedot, a donation platform that features a robust donor and donation management platform. We’ve built custom money bombs to seamlessly integrate with Anedot’s donation database to add some pizzaz and flare to a website that is commonly found with extremely expensive models. All of our Victory Shop websites come with Anedot’s built-in donation portal, a robust event management system using EventBrite, as well as other advanced features to enable our clients, from local and state levels of government, to the halls of Washington, DC to wage a successful online campaign. With prices from $1,999, it’s a real steal.

How We’ll Work For You

Our process is unique. We’ll guide you through our 5-Step Process that will yield an incredible, hand-crafted, and well-made website. This process is defined to maximize collaboration between you and us. Learn about your journey from strategy to launch here.

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How Much Is It

This is our most popular question. All of our projects are unique and are not template based. Since each project is different, we’ll need to know a bit more about you to establish a budget. Click below to get a quote.

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