Woody’s Sports Tavern & Grill

The Best Damn Wings in the Triangle

Woody’s came to O3 with an interesting proposition: to break the mold of every other bar website out there. The crew at Woody’s were forward thinking and we knew we could achieve something really cool and really different. So we scrapped all the frameworks for traditional websites and started to think outside of the box.

Walking into the Cary, NC location, you can really get a feel for the eclectic nature of the location’s owner, Shawn. The restaurant is not so gently adorned with moose heads wearing sombreros and sculptures created from used scrap metal. In a sense, we had a blank slate from which to draw creatively.

Parallax designs are all the rage but some sites can really overdo it with deuling images moving at different rates of speed as you scroll. We liked the three-dimmesional effect that this technique could bring, but wanted to hone in what was most important: giving the restaurant a complete web makeover and putting it’s best two feet forward: food and beverage.

We employed some parallaxed elements, such as our animated beer glass that fills and empties as you scroll, a catering truck that zips across the screen, and other more subtle background textures moving with the mouse. But we honed it in and kept it as a feature as opposed to the product.

The Woody’s Sports Tavern & Grill website definitely gives the flash and personality of the location and we couldn’t be more proud of the end result.

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