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You’ve got a second to make a statement. In an instant it’s gone. The Internet is a competitive beast. Lets face it, you’ve got incredible competition for that one moment. Your potential customer could be off somewhere else doing more interesting things – like playing Farmville or browsing an infinite supply of consumer goods from Amazon.com. What your website looks like will turn that instant to a moment. And that moment into interest. But you have to be interesting. And who are we to make such a bold statement? We’ll you’re here reading this. Check. Mate.

O3’s Approach to Web Design

We’ve been doing this for a while the result of years in the industry, we’ve crafted a fool proof approach to designing for the web. There’s a lot that goes on into a project and it would be a mistake for us to meet with you, gather requirements, and jump straight into Photoshop. What is done before Photoshop is touched often brings success or failure to a project.

Our process begins with laying out a cohesive and comprehensive strategy to analyze your business, your needs, and the wants and needs of your audience. We determine what the goal of the website is and how to accomplish it.

Once we know what and why we’re doing, we’ll sketch out some wireframes to generally outline how your website will look and how the different elements on the page will interact.

Then and only then do we fire up Photoshop for the first time to apply aesthetics to the site’s strategy and structure.

More Reading

We’ve laid out a comprehensive guide to our Web Design & Development process. Read it over and you’ll see how O3 separates itself from the crowd.

How We’ll Work For You

Our process is unique. We’ll guide you through our 5-Step Process that will yield an incredible, hand-crafted, and well-made website. This process is defined to maximize collaboration between you and us. Learn about your journey from strategy to launch here.

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How Much Is It

This is our most popular question. All of our projects are unique and are not template based. Since each project is different, we’ll need to know a bit more about you to establish a budget. Click below to get a quote.

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