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Digitalsmiths exists in a highly visual world. They’re on the cutting edge of tagging movie and television segments with metadata down to the frame. “Good enough” wasn’t going to be good enough.

Project Brief

Digitalsmiths customers include Warner Brothers, Paramount, The CW, Turner, NBA, PGA, NASCAR, and Technicolor. Simply put, a “good enough” website wasn’t going to be enough. We had to put together something incredible for a highly visual industry. When Digitalsmiths approached O3, they were in need for a redesigned website with a brand new look and feel, and they needed it quick. The company was to have a sizable presence at CES in Las Vegas which took place a month later. Needless to say, a quick turnaround was in order.

The O3 Team worked through the 2011 Holiday season to remake the Digitalsmiths website and delivered the final product on time and on budget.


Home Page

It was important that the visuals of the new website match the company’s industry. One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting the website is a large content slider meant to grab the attention of users at first glance. The slider is functional with high definition screens (1920 pixels in width). Running the website in high definition was important as the company uses HDTV’s routinely throughout their offices and in presentations. The full-width, HD slider works seamlessly on standard computer monitors as well as HDTVs.

Digitalsmiths Home

Product Detail

The feature set of each of Digitalsmiths’ products are technical and voluminous. We used a combination of still shots of the software and descriptions to create a fun and intuitive interface to appropriately convey the messaging.

Digitalsmiths Interior

Alternate Homepage

We presented 3 concepts for the home page. This was alternate 1.

Digitalsmiths Alternate 1

Alternate Homepage

The second alternate was a much more rich and low contrast variant.

Digitalsmiths Alternate 2

Converting Content Management Systems

On the web development end, we started where we always do: with a fresh WordPress install. Digitalsmiths had quite the library of content stashed away on a Drupal database. We converted everything from posts and authors to tags and categories seamlessly to the WordPress platform. We also customized their WordPress backend and included post types for Team Members and News.

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